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Providing superior, first-class fashion and interior decorating style-options, consultation, and concierge services to those who desire to exude the very best in luxury, elegance, class, and refinement.



Elegance, sophistication, class, and style (let's not forget jazzy): If any of these words exemplify the taste or style you want to achieve or maintain, I am here to help you do just that. Whether you are in need of assistance with a stylish outfit for a particular event, a sophisticated wardrobe to get you through the seasons, or an elevated design for your home or office, you can count on me. I honestly believe your style speaks for you before a word comes out of your mouth. What you wear, how you are groomed, how you carry yourself, even how your personal home/office space looks, speaks volumes as to how you are perceived. You and everything personally affiliated with you are a brand. Let me assist you exude or continue to exude your brand of class and sophistication by providing you with personal style consultation, quality product options, and convenient pricing for the most elegant look you, your home, or your office can exemplify.

Nothing should hold you back from looking and feeling your very best! Whether you are going on vacation, meeting a friend, attending an event, or decorating/renovating your home/office space, Phenomenal Flair (PF) is here to provide superior, first-class fashion and interior decorating style-options and services to those who seek assistance achieving the very best in class, sophistication, and distinction.

 Phenomenal Flair is a private client personal concierge styling service. Specifically, PF offers virtual membership services to assist clients eliminate the hassle of having to shop and/or order fashion/interior decor items. PF assesses what you want/need, researches and provides you with three (3) options from which you choose your top two (2) choices (your favorite, as well as a fail-safe), and orders your items for you.  Because we value your time and convenience, we ensure you receive your items timely, in great condition, and that you ultimately enjoy your overall experience transforming into your desired look with confidence and style. 

Services provided include: 

 -Virtually consulting with clients one-on-one to help determine luxurious fashion/interior decor needs

-Providing honest and transparent feedback, ensuring a professional, healthy, and fun style-experience  

-Researching fashion/interior decorating style-options 

-Pricing total costs and ordering items/services 

-Advising on the return/refund/credit of products 

-Offering personal concierge services

-Working within the client's budget and time allotment

-Ensuring the client's satisfaction with all services provided

In essence, PF offers clients the luxury of Time, Convenience, Personal Style, and Concierge Services.

Book a consultation and allow us to spoil you in Luxury.



Considering the importance of your time, style, and budget, it is Phenomenal Flair’s goal to assist you exude your utmost phenomenal flair.

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